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In keeping with an eco-friendly mentality, some of our products are made from reclaimed materials. Our reclaimed rags are available in either white or colors, and we offer reclaimed fleece in a variety of colors.

Our new wiper cloths – either bar mops or hand or bath towels – are available in either white knit or white terry. Our terry hand towels are a popular choice for use in gyms and beauty salons (our towels are bleach proof!), and are also often used as utility towels. Our bar towels are 100% cotton and are safe for use in food service as well as in industrial and janitorial applications. For whatever you need mopped up, our all-purpose cotton towels can tackle the job time and time again!

We understand that sometimes you need to take preventative measures against messes – on a grand scale. For those times, we offer an extensive line of drop cloths designed to suit every need. Our drop cloths and runners are all made of premium canvas, and they are all hemmed on all four sides with double-stitched seams to ensure they will do the job over and over again. Our line of drop cloths includes Butyl drop cloths, made from bleached white canvas that is triple-coated on the reverse side for durability. Finally, our black denim drop cloths, popular with chimney sweeps, are made from 14-ounce denim perfect for this messiest of jobs.

We also carry a full line of disposable gloves designed to protect your hands from a variety of messes. Choose from latex, vinyl, nitrile or poly – whichever best suits the job at hand (pun intended!). And yes, we do offer gloves that can support medical and other high-risk applications as well as those gloves suitable for foodservice, automotive applications, painting, janitorial jobs, and mechanical or industrial applications.

Finally, our New 400 Surgical Blue Huck towels are available at wholesale prices. We offer the finest lint-free cotton towels that are pre-washed, folded, and ready for use. These products have an endless list of potential uses, from janitorial applications to window cleaning, food preparation and in dental and veterinary environments. Even in your own home you are sure to find a myriad of ways to uses these super-absorbent towels that can be washed over and over again!

For all of your specialty towel needs, consider Burdisco. You won’t need to look anywhere else. Now, go clean up after yourself!

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